Holy Trinity, Lanse PA

Sunday, 11:00 AM

Shepherd of the HIlls, Karthaus PA

Worship: Sunday 9:00 AM

Shepherd of the Hills

Worship is at
9:00 AM at Shepherd of the Hills
11:00 AM at Holy Trinity

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (SHLC), originally a German Lutheran congregation, is located in Karthaus, PA, is 20 miles northeast of Clearfield, PA, and 45 miles northwest of State College, PA. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (HTLC), originally and still through many traditions a Swedish congregation, is located in Lanse, PA, 11 miles northeast of Philipsburg, PA.

We gather weekly at 9:00 AM for worship at Shepherd of the Hills and 11:00 AM at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. We gather so that our hearts and minds would be strengthened in love toward God as well as in love toward the world. Worship is central to our faith and it serves several functions. First and foremost, worship is the time when we give back to God what God desires from us. Second, worship is where we go and are guaranteed to not only find God, but be nurtured by Him. Third, it is the place where we can go and talk about the amazing ways that we have experienced God throughout the week in our lives and the people we met.

However, we are a community who are continually learning how to be called into the world. As a community, we know that we are not called to be the church only within the walls of our sanctuary and fellowship hall. We are called out into the world not to take God with us, but to go into the world and find a God who is already out there! We are called to seek this God in our whole lives, and to point out this God to all those who will listen.

Perhaps you are also sensing that you are called in a similar manner. If you are, come and join us!

Also, several years ago SHLC and HTLC combined to form Holy Shepherd Parish which is currently served by Pr. Vicki Beilfuss.

We are currently working towards adding more information from HTLC to our joint website.